The idea behind our products lies in the details

Dog accessories - Chic, fashionable, unusual and yet suitable for everyday use. This is the standard we set for our products.

As a dog trainer, I know, of course, that special equipment is necessary for certain applications.

However, our products should primarily be visually pleasing while still being practical.

For example, buckles made of acetate are weatherproof and particularly light. The additional advantage is that they do not scratch. That is why we have chosen these for some of our products. Durability is a factor that is important to us.

Leather collars are available in all variations on the market. We prefer the vegan version, in the form of BioThane or water-repellent webbing. The variety of colors leaves a lot of scope and the positive properties of the materials are also convincing. Discover dog collars made of water-repellent webbing here. You can find water-repellent dog leashes in many colors under DOG LEASHES COLOR .

Colorful buckles in bright colors put you in a good mood and make our four-legged friends look even friendlier.

Original Beta BioThane is soft and comfortable to wear. Combined with antique brass-look hardware, the collars and leashes look particularly cool. Shop the SCHICKIMICKI COLLECTION here.

Our Color leashes and collars, as well as the BioThane leashes and collars, are all made by us in Berlin.

You can regularly follow and read more about our products, production, and insights into the processes behind the scenes of our brand here in our BLOG: SUNNY BERLIN STORIES.