SUNNY BERLIN embodies the Berliner lifestyle –

Vibrant, bold, authentic, and contemporary, particularly in the realm of fashion.

I'm Anni, the founder of SUNNY BERLIN.

I've been working as a dog trainer in Berlin for many years and, naturally, am also a passionate dog owner.

To provide a platform for my creative side, I founded the brand SUNNY BERLIN.

We craft our dog accessories from designs and colors found in the fashion world. Prints inspired by various cultures, bold color combinations, fashionable and chic. And why not a glittery treat bag for once!

Our products are designed primarily to bring visual joy while remaining practical and easy to care for.


After the idea, all the steps had to be taken to bring our brand to life.

My son Moritz, a game artist, model, and all-rounder, has embraced my idea and supports me with his dedication. His connections in the fashion scene and my contacts in the dog world complement each other perfectly.

I design our products myself and manufacture part of the collection in Berlin.

Among other things, we collaborate with a small sewing workshop in Poland. The designs I create are lovingly sewn there. Short transport routes and fair wages are very important to us. Thus, collaboration is an essential part of our brand.

Our products are meticulously crafted, handmade, sturdy, easy to care for, and known for their high comfort.

As a principle, we don't use leather and exclusively use vegan materials.

We are excited to enrich the world of dog owners with our products.

Let's have a walk together.